Hello, welcome to my digital home!

We're a shoes-off type of household...
Watercolor sketch of my digital home.

I'm a statistics PhD student at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. I currently work as a statistical consultant for the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, specializing in experimental design — with many of my clients coming from the dairy, plant and veterinary sciences. My research interests are broadly in network statistics, dynamics-based modeling and correlation modeling. Part of my work has been supported by the Bio-Data Science Training Grant from the National Library of Medicine. I'm also passionate about promoting statistical literacy and local community engagement.

In the past, I've worked on improving safety data models for self-driving cars, and helped maintain a database of quantum-optimized chemical structures. I completed my computer science and neuroscience bachelor's degrees at Duke University, while studing key proteins for neuron structure.

If I have a spare moment, you'll probably find me tinkering with new technologies, playing frisbee or home roasting some coffee!

Feel free to contact me directly, anywhere you can find me!

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